Look Inside

Excerpt Shades of Life

After nodding our consent to do the tests, we left his chamber feeling totally lost. I don't know how we scrambled out of the hospital, but we knew that getting home immediately would bring relief.

It is difficult to maintain sanity when one hears of a very serious health condition. There is confusion. Thinking is clouded by doubt. Someone should objectively break through the brain cells to speak out loud: Go slow; think with your head, not your heart; do not get swayed by emotions; be dispassionate. Try to quell all waves of emotion that could destroy sanity and an opportunity to do it right.

Driving home, I checked with Aditya on his reactions. Shrugging his shoulders in a matter of fact manner, he said, I don’t know, Amma... it's so sudden.

After a while he spoke, adopting a different tone, But you know, what is there to doubt... such an experienced doctor certainly will know what he is saying... no chance that he will be making some random statement.

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