The Kidney Warriors - A Book on Kidney Disease Patients

The Kidney Warriors

The Kidney Warriors brings together patients with chronic kidney disease from all parts of India.

For most people, kidney failure still remains a mystery. Our attempt is to help them to understand what causes kidney failure, to check if they are experiencing any of the established symptoms, and to guide them how to find remedies through available medical services.

With entry into the world of chronic kidney disease, patients suddenly experience a change in their lives. Focusing on health and managing diet becomes a great preoccupation. At that point in time, external support motivates them to lead a normal life. Due to their confused state of mind many patients are unable to make proper choice of treatments, doctors and hospitals.

Knowing importance of all three will help in their plans for long-term survival.

The kidney patient is never alone. The family is always with the patient and their lives are also impacted due to the chronic disease, its complications and huge medical expenses.

Our understanding of many aspects of kidney diseases due to several years of close association makes us advocates of kidney disease. Join us, to reach out far and wide to people in the big cities and in the small towns who have been touched by chronic kidney disease.

The Kidney Warriors

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