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Globally kidney disease is growing rampantly and has become a cause for great concern. Researchers have now identified the culprits to be within our environment- the air pollution, water quality, soil conditions coupled witj two major health conditions, Diabetes and Hypertension that are driving people to grapple with the disease.

Recognising the urgent need for correction, projects have been launched by International Society of Nephrology with visionary nephrologists to arrest Acute Kidney Failure to bring deaths to "Zero" in kids by 2025 (AKI-0by25kids). Big and small countries, even countries with limited resources are all looking to stall progression at all costs. Projects focusing on early detection and prevention of kidney disease through urine analysis, managing weight gain among students, measures to weight reduction through lower salt intake, is now growing and creating a wave of awareness gradually.

According to World Health Organisation - 9.8 million people die due to heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.

Concentrated efforts from nephrologists apart, patient healthcare management including the economics of treatment, financial burden on families, psychological impact on patients and families along with sociological behavior needs to be reviewed. People with disease and their family increasingly feel isolated from society due to lack of awareness and misrepresentation of facts about the disease. The gravity of the life threatening disease leaves many areas to be speculated about and complexity of the disease keeps everyone anxious.

Three books on kidney disease will act as guidance to patients for their health management. They will create an understanding of the seriousness of the disease, help patients to find strength to cope and manage their health and they will be inspired by true-life stories of people with similar health conditions. These books will be great learning tools.

For patients, struggling to find their place in the world "with the disease" is the only option for them.

The books are vastly different in their content. Read about each book and order your copy.


Books on Kidney Disease

The Kidney Warriors

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56 people of India come to share their tryst with kidney disease. Reader will realize the extent of hurt and disappointments, the reason for heart breaks and unemployment and the finally understand that conquest was due to daring and determination. Apart hypertension and diabetes patients reported of 13 rare, unknown conditions. Interesting contributions by senior doctors on causes disease, treatments, guidance, organ transplants, expanding donor pool, growth of disease. Author's own take on kidney rejection and learning to accept the disease.
Who Lives Who Dies

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An interesting book that establishes the genesis of chronic disease disease, earliest in 100 A.D during the famous Roman baths and then in 1500 A.D. It has engaging stories of the first successful transplant, procedure and protocols established, to early understanding of the disease by a six year old and of people making grave mistakes. The reader will engaged with plenty of knowledgeable information that shows how great these men and women have been. A must read for getting ahead of time information.
Shades Of Life

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Story of a 15 year old whose journey through kidney disease gave his family a new way to see the world. Areas covered include - Vesicoureteral Reflux; UTI, Bed -wetting, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Transplants and Managing Rejection.

Kidney Disease Awareness

Enjoy life even with dialysis. Without sufficient dialysis life becomes uncomfortable. Dangerous, can cause instant death. Find a Nehrologist. Start treatment - dialysis or transplant!

Anything that keeps you alive!

Sublime joy is in Living.
You make your best choice, to live!

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